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Ayurveda has two distinguish systems of treatments. One is internal and another is external. Internal treatments are all about diet,medicines and supplements. Externally they are five. We focus on elements who needs to be in balance and accordingly we suggest the five point cleansing therapy. Before every therapy one has to go for massage and steam to open the pours and channels of the system. Emetics- this is the best treatment for upper body ailments. With the use of medicated juices one has to perform emesis to cleanse his upper gi system. Purgation- to wipe out your waste and clean the lower body channel purgation is the choice of treatment. Colon cleansing- our colon needs to cleanse due to his extensive work of digestion and excretion since our birth. All the metabolism and major plexuses are related with it. We use medicated juices,decoction,oils to cleanse the gateway of health. Nasal irrigation- our nose is said to be “the door of our brain” in Ayurveda. Its indeed!yoga Beca…