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Want to add more years to life? Try these herbs for brushing your teeth !

One may get confused after reading the title. How come brushing teeth has any role in adding more years to ones life?
I can bet you surely think this as some kind of joke or just a hocus-pocus.
    But no! It is really very important.
           If you will read this article you will get to know about the importance of using natural means to keep your teeth clean and healthy.
    I am going to tell you the ancient secret of herbs and its regimes to increase the lifespan and how to add quality to your life.
     In this article you will get to know about some really informational and useful nature cure tips.
     Keep reading and start applying it.

How to make a difference?
    Brushing the teeth is the first routine everyone follows after getting up from the sleep. Dentists always emphasise on the importance of correct and daily regular brushing your teeth.

But our ancestors also aware of the fact and they too have developed the ritual for dental care.
     Especially spiritually and philosop…

Yoga a complete therapy

Recently there has been an increased awareness and interest in health and natural remedies among the general public as well as scientific community. 
The scientific-spiritual discipline of yoga is an effective and time-tested method for improving our health as well as prevention and management of diseases, especially chronic psychosomatic disorders.
More recently, modern research has established the scientific basis of Yogic techniques and yoga has gained international acclaim and acceptance. “Yoga has a sound and practical philosophy, scientific basis and universal, non sectarian approach. It is a physical-mental-spiritual discipline for improving overall health and achieving union and harmony between body, mind and soul.”Modern medicine is materialistic and concerned with our body. 
Drugs are the cornerstone of its management. In contrast, yoga is a holistic system for the integrated development of our physical, mental as well as spiritual aspects.
For prevention as well as management o…

The wonders of wheat grass

For the last many years Dr.Ann Wigmore of the United States has been conducting experiments on wheat grass. Many diseases have been and are curable by taking wheat grass juice coupled with a planned diet. Under her supervision different diseases, including those termed incurable by conventional medicine, have been successfully treated.

The Wheat grass juice treatment is based on following  principles : 
Many dietitians called wheat grass juice as ‘GREEN BLOOD” wheat grass is one of the sources of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a kind of synthesised sunlight that can be compared o the haemoglobin in our blood. The haemoglobin molecules have iron in their central atoms, whilst chlorophyll has magnesium.
By drinking juice of wheat grass like adding blood into the body as it enhance the actual resistance power of the body. Dr. Wigmaore used to say “Do as cows do, eat grass” Nutrition Value: - It contains “Laetrile B-12 which is famous for its anti-cancer properties. Furthermore wheat grass cont…

NATURE CURE : Fasting - The Master Remedy

Fasting refers to complete abstinence from food for a short or long period for a specific purpose.
The word is derived from the old English, ‘feastan’ which means to fast, observe, be strict.
Fasting is nature’s oldest, most effective and yet least expensive method of treating disease. It is recognised as the cornerstone of natural healing. Dr. Arnold Eheret, the originator of the muscusless diet healing system, describes it as " nature’s only universal and omnipotent remedy of healing" and "nature’s only fundamental law of all healing and curing."
The practice of fasting is one of the most ancient customs. It is followed in almost every religion.
The Mohammedan, the Buddhists, the Hindus and many others have their periods of strict fasting. The saints of medieval times laid great stress on this method.
Fasting indisease was advocated by the school of natural philosopher, Asclepiades, more than two thousand years ago. Throughout medical history, it has been regard…

Law of Attraction and Fate

Law of attraction has become such a hype nowadays that everyone is talking and trying to implement it in life.

When Rhonda Byren's book and the series Secret got released it created a huge stir amongst the intellectuals and as well as the lay people of this world.

So many intellectuals and celebrities have come forward in support of the theory of law of attraction and how one can truly manifest his dream life.

They claimed many theories and incidences in its references. We are the co-creator, If we can see it in our mind we can hold it in our hand, law of gratitude and so many things they discussed regarding the law of attraction.

Universe has so much to offer and we can create our own heaven or hell.

Everyone went gung-ho and tried to manifest the abundance.

But when we see there are very few people who actually succeeded and the people who tried but failed have outnumbered the previous one.

Why such failure?

Is it just a hype? Is this just a religious mumbo-jumbo?

When we watch…

Physical Fitness

Todays lifestyle has become a little stressful and demanding. Its taking a toll on health of people.To be able to perform our daily activities one must know how to be fit and fine all the time.Physical fitness should be the ultimate goal of everybody from modern world.To become physically fit, start slowly-perhaps only ten or fifteen minutes a day.Then try to build up gradually over a few months so that you are exercising at least thirty minutes a day.Take your time; this will help you from becoming discouraged, enabling you to build muscle and aerobic capacity safely so that you don’t hurt yourself.Even moderate activity can benefit your muscles, as seen in Major Muscle Groups and Everyday Activities in Which They are used.You may not realise it, but you use all your major muscle groups during the course of a normal day. Even moderate activity such as brisk walking, carrying your groceries, or taking the stairs, has a beneficial impact on muscle group.A good fitness plan consists of …

Food for weight loss

Nowadays we can find several discussion topics about weight reduction or managing the weight.

Managing your weight is just not a fad but it is very important to reduce your risk of having high blood pressure, heart disease, a stroke, certain types of cancer, Type 2 diabetes, infertility, arthritis, gall stones, snoring or sleep apnoea.Weight management is an art. One has to develope a routine and has to stick to it.

Habit formation is very necessary. Habit of good food offcourse.We have enlisted the diet intake rules for the seekers.These are simple yet powerful food habits which cam play very crucial role in managing the weight.1. Eat a variety of foods to get the energy,protein,vitamins and fibre needed for good health.2. Choose a diet low in saturated fat, trans-saturated fat, and cholesterol-or substitute monosaturated or polyunsaturated fats whenever possible-to reduce risk of obesity and heart Disorder.3. Chose a diet plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grain products which …

Stress Management-Zen way

"Mother Nature is there to cuddle you & to console your Mind!"We are here to discuss about the natural ways of healing the body and Mind.The most common complaint of modern man is stress.Stress is a modern day monster! It is the culprit behind most of the modern ailments. Whether it is high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety,mood swings or depression one will find this stress as a reason behind it.What is stress?   
Stress is actually a flight/fight mechanism of body to cope up with fear. But when it is out of control it affect the hosts  body and starts giving trouble physically and mentally. It can lead to heart disease-mental disorders or can affect the performance of work.
It can disturb the mental ability to adapt the changes in life hence the social life too gets affected.
It can hamper our relationships and inner peace.How to fight this monster?
Kusinara de-stress programs is a comprehensive solution for it.We at kusinara wellness are the most advanced stress bus…

New Dawn of Health

Time is passing like a quicksand.Technology has created wonders. Humanity has taken a giant leap towards the ultramodern era. We have proved that we are the co-creator of this universe.
The curse of pandora box is still haunting us but we have almost conquored the enemy called illness.
We have given dignity to our death and we are constantly making new innovation in treatment of the ailment.
The most amazing and the most important achievment of our time is not modern ways of treatments or medicines but the redefined holistic approach towards healing.
We have definately reached to the point that we can correlate the relation between physical illness and subconscious mind.
There are many researches done on the power of healing through correcting the mind-emotions and thought frequency.
Natural healing therapies are back again to give a complete health and an organic solution to human sufferings without disturbing the physical function or developing side effect.
KUSINARA Wellness is a sp…

Herbal Cooking

We have rediscovered some age-old spices again. There were some missed and forgotten recipes   which were used during ancient Indian civilization. Those are based on principles of Indian Medicine.These recipes contains some herbs seldom used in our kitchen nowadays.The herbs in this food preparations will relish your appetite. It will give you nourishment, energy, cleansing, detox.This will manage your weight, nurture your body and mind.Your body and mind will get that fee of lightness. Your senses would feel delighted.It will rejuvenate your youth again. It will make your skin to glow without causing the trouble in digestion. It will purify your blood. It will remove the blockage in body channels.Health is all about what you eat,how your body digests it, how your body excretes it. What is the end product of your food? Whether it is Vitamins,carbs or proteins?  Or just fat!Herbs and spices have their own active ingredients, and they act like a catalyst in metabolism. They can heal and…

Herbal Spa

Kusinara Wellness has developed a unique treatment and rejuvenation regimes for spa and related therapies.Kusinara Herbal Spa is a unique combination of Ayurveda, Herbals and Spa retreats.We use essential herbal oils and medicated herbal product to give our clients a unique healthier experience.This includes various massage techniques, different types of skin n hair regimes which will boost your skin n hair immunity,glow and it will nourish them n your mind inside out.In this stressful day to day life Kusinara Herbal Spa serves and fulfill all the need of our mind-body and soul.Our spa regimes are completely customize because we treat every individual differently.As per the principles of Ayurveda every individuals body type is different. Biological constitution (Prakriti) is the base of the regime and seasonal and physiological variations are also there.If you are seeking for Spa therapies, we are just a click away. Kusinara therapy is available at different centers. You can chose yo…

Medicine Buddha

2500 years ago there rose 2 suns exactly at the same time in India. It was just like a birth of a new sun on the land of dieties and mortals.Yes it was Lord Buddha who shined like a bright sun amongst all the wise men and the Gods of heaven.The awakend one, the enlightened master had showered his wisdom and compassion on mankind of his time and eternity.When everybody was showing fingures to the sky and heavens, it was he who indicated his all teachings towards the internal universe. It was he who instead of asking to establish a vertical relationship between humans and gods emphasized on the horizontal relationship between every creature.His teachings about purifying ones deeds and Law of Karma/ Cause and Effect and efforts to get rid of the misery are the most astounding teachings of all the time.He healed human beings, he taught them to be meritious by performing good deeds, act kindly to every living creature,he trained them in conquering the mind and he made them brave like a lio…

How authentic are Ayurvedic treatments?

When one thinks about Ayurveda or Ayurvedic Treatments, he automatically thinks about the raw herbs,sticky oil massages,slower results and sometimes bad experiences like no results or just a question mark?Ayurveda is an oldest way & ancient science of medicine ever known to mankind. It has lost its glory-not because of its own lacking but the continuous misinterpretation and bad mouthing from ignorant people. They spread false opinions about this age old healing science. Sometimes the unfortunate malpractice by the quakes made it difficult to gain the confidence of its own people!One can find online self proclaimed health Gurus, tons of Products labeled falsely as “Herbal” and they are just looting and misguiding patients-people all over the places.The marketing Gurus spread a word for such practices. Nowadays we can find thousands of institutes,people,websites who have a questionable authenticity in their approach towards natural sciences of healing but they are practicing it!!c…

Ayurveda a new dawn of healthy life

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient medicinal system in the world. It has proved his metal in modern times too. Ayurveda is just not about the herbs and the healings but its a way of life. It guides us how to balance our body elements by keeping our daily routine in certain discipline. It teaches us to cleanse our physical-mental and spiritual paths.Since the inception it solely focused on physical and mental wellbeing of mankind. Over the times it wwnt through lot of evolutions. Many sages and ancient physicians tried and tested its efficiancy in thousnads of individuals. They have kept the data in the form of sutras and contributed in the developed of medicines.From philosophy to spirituality and from analysis to physical trials Ayurveda is a combination of spiritualty and science.Its main purpose is prevention of diseases and cure of ailment.It has certain disciplinary priciples to follow. It accept the theory of elemental origine of universe and suggests that our body and universe…

A Retreat for the soul!

Kusinara was a celebrated center of the 'Malla' kingdom of ancient India.At this place the Great Gautama Buddha attained Parinirvana!Parinirvana means ultimate freedom from pain-sorrow and transformation in a supreme energy!Kusinara Wellness is a place where pain dies, sorrows and miseries fade away, a new birth, a new connection to the healthy inner-self happens.Zen life is a holistic treatment and wellness regime characterized by the treatment of the whole person taking into account like his mental-social factors,rather than just the symptoms of a disease!Ayurveda is a diverse field of medicine in which the whole person is focused upon, not just the malady itself!Kusinara Wellness is a new world of healing and inner connection. First of its kind integration of ancient alternative and mainstream healing sciences. One can search online for specific needs regarding healings, Mentors and retreats of personal choices and range of therapies for the problem he is facing.Wellcome to…


Ayurveda has two distinguish systems of treatments. One is internal and another is external. Internal treatments are all about diet,medicines and supplements. Externally they are five. We focus on elements who needs to be in balance and accordingly we suggest the five point cleansing therapy. Before every therapy one has to go for massage and steam to open the pours and channels of the system. Emetics- this is the best treatment for upper body ailments. With the use of medicated juices one has to perform emesis to cleanse his upper gi system. Purgation- to wipe out your waste and clean the lower body channel purgation is the choice of treatment. Colon cleansing- our colon needs to cleanse due to his extensive work of digestion and excretion since our birth. All the metabolism and major plexuses are related with it. We use medicated juices,decoction,oils to cleanse the gateway of health. Nasal irrigation- our nose is said to be “the door of our brain” in Ayurveda. Its indeed!yoga Beca…