Law of Attraction and Fate

Law of attraction has become such a hype nowadays that everyone is talking and trying to implement it in life.

When Rhonda Byren's book and the series Secret got released it created a huge stir amongst the intellectuals and as well as the lay people of this world.

So many intellectuals and celebrities have come forward in support of the theory of law of attraction and how one can truly manifest his dream life.

They claimed many theories and incidences in its references. We are the co-creator, If we can see it in our mind we can hold it in our hand, law of gratitude and so many things they discussed regarding the law of attraction.

Universe has so much to offer and we can create our own heaven or hell.

Everyone went gung-ho and tried to manifest the abundance.

But when we see there are very few people who actually succeeded and the people who tried but failed have outnumbered the previous one.

Why such failure?

Is it just a hype? Is this just a religious mumbo-jumbo?

When we watched Secret series they have given us reference of law of subconscious mind,metaphysics and even quantum physics.

Then too we can't control the circumstances around us and even we cant create the world which we desire.

When we start applying these very principles like seeing it in mind and imagining it just not work. It is very frustrating to see our efforts go futile. And we start thinking that this law is not working and its just a false propaganda.

What is the real secret and why it is not working despite our genuine efforts?

If we look around the world seems uneven. There is no equality- no similarity yet there is some kind of harmony and equilibrium.

The universe runs on different laws. Nature has its own laws. we need to understand it first.

As they say, everything is energy and vibration and by changing our thought we can change our energy frequency and can start attracting the similar things.

In Ayurveda too it has been described well,

'Samano Samane Vriddhikara;' Means like attract like.

So misery attracts misery and rich attracts more wealth? Is it a correct statement?

Why there is so much pain and agony in the world. why there is nobody to decode the truth of happiness?

The answer is in only 1 law which is above all.

i.e. Law of Karma- Cause and effect.

Yes Karma is the key to all the unlocked abundance and riches. riches is just not about material wealth but it is about the richness of soul.

Buddhist philosophy has given answer to all these inequality and pain.

The Buddha’s said:

All living beings have actions (Karma) as their own, their inheritance, their congenital cause, their kinsman, their refuge. It is Karma that differentiates beings into low and high states.

Certainly we are born with hereditary characteristics. At the same time we possess certain innate abilities that science cannot adequately account for. To our parents we are indebted for the gross sperm and ovum that form the nucleus of this so-called being. They remain dormant within each parent until this potential germinal compound is vitalised by the karmic energy needed for the production of the foetus. Karma is therefore the indispensable conceptive cause of this being.

The accumulated karmic tendencies, inherited in the course of previous lives, at times play a far greater role than the hereditary parental cells and genes in the formation of both physical and mental characteristics.

The Buddha, for instance, inherited, like every other person, the reproductive cells and genes from his parents. But physically, morally and intellectually there was none comparable to him in his long line of Royal ancestors. In the Buddha’s own words, he belonged not to the Royal lineage, but to that of the Aryan Buddhas. He was certainly a superman, an extraordinary creation of his own Karma.

According to the Lakkhana Sutta of Digha Nikaya, the Buddha inherited exceptional features, such as the 32 major marks, as the result of his past meritorious deeds. The ethical reason for acquiring each physical feature is clearly explained in the Sutta.

It is obvious from this unique case that karmic tendencies could not only influence our physical organism, but also nullify the potentiality of the parental cells and genes – hence the significance of the Buddha’s enigmatic statement, - "We are the heirs of our own actions."

Depending on this difference in Karma appears the differences in the birth of beings, high and low, base and exalted, happy and miserable. Depending on the difference in Karma appears the difference in the individual features of beings as beautiful and ugly, high-born or low born, well-built or deformed. Depending on the difference in Karma appears the difference in worldly conditions of beings, such as gain and loss, and disgrace, blame and praise, happiness and misery."

Thus, from a Buddhist point of view, our present mental, moral intellectual and temperamental differences are, for the most part, due to our own actions and tendencies, both past and present.

Refuting the erroneous view that "whatsoever fortune or misfortune experienced is all due to some previous action", the Buddha said.

"So, then, according to this view, owing to previous action men will become murderers, thieves, unchaste, liars, slanderers, covetous, malicious and perverts. Thus, for those who fall back on the former deeds as the essential reason, there is neither the desire to do, nor effort to do, nor necessity to do this deed, or abstain from this deed."

It was this important text, which states the belief that all physical circumstances and mental attitudes spring solely from past Karma that Buddha contradicted. If the present life is totally conditioned or wholly controlled by our past actions, then certainly Karma is tantamount to fatalism or determinism or predestination.

If this were true, free will would be an absurdity.

Life would be purely mechanistic, not much different from a machine.

So how Karma plays role then? Is there any answer or we are just merely the puppet of our fate?

If law of attraction is true then the karma theory cant work. What is the secret?

Law of attraction works but to gain full advantage of that we must understand how the Law of karma works.

All your attracted things are hidden behind a locked door. You can change your destiny and can open the law if you can purify your Karma.

Yes, if your karma is not strong you cant unlock the doors of abundance. You must gain merits by doing good deeds and spreading kindness.

Until and unless you accumulate these merits you cant get the things you desire.

The good karma cleanses our bad vibes and enhances our energy and its magnetic field so that we can attract more good.

How can one perform good karma. Answer is by Mind-Speech and action. Our thoughts should be good. Our actions should be right and good and we must speak good.

How much merits one has to acquire?

For this answer one must refer to the book Liao-fans four lessons of life.

So now we understood that law attraction works but for that we must cleanse our Karma!

Namo Amitabha!

Dr.Jetin Anand


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