A Retreat for the soul!

Kusinara was a celebrated center of the 'Malla' kingdom of ancient India.

At this place the Great Gautama Buddha attained Parinirvana!

Parinirvana means ultimate freedom from pain-sorrow and transformation in a supreme energy!

Kusinara Wellness is a place where pain dies, sorrows and miseries fade away, a new birth, a new connection to the healthy inner-self happens.

Zen life is a holistic treatment and wellness regime characterized by the treatment of the whole person taking into account like his mental-social factors,rather than just the symptoms of a disease!

Ayurveda is a diverse field of medicine in which the whole person is focused upon, not just the malady itself!

Kusinara Wellness is a new world of healing and inner connection. First of its kind integration of ancient alternative and mainstream healing sciences. One can search online for specific needs regarding healings, Mentors and retreats of personal choices and range of therapies for the problem he is facing.

Wellcome to the world of Zen Life at Kusinara Wellness.

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