Herbal Cooking

We have rediscovered some age-old spices again. There were some missed and forgotten recipes   which were used during ancient Indian civilization. Those are based on principles of Indian Medicine.

These recipes contains some herbs seldom used in our kitchen nowadays.

The herbs in this food preparations will relish your appetite. It will give you nourishment, energy, cleansing, detox.

This will manage your weight, nurture your body and mind.

Your body and mind will get that fee of lightness. Your senses would feel delighted.

It will rejuvenate your youth again. It will make your skin to glow without causing the trouble in digestion. It will purify your blood. It will remove the blockage in body channels.

Health is all about what you eat,how your body digests it, how your body excretes it. What is the end product of your food? Whether it is Vitamins,carbs or proteins?  Or just fat!

Herbs and spices have their own active ingredients, and they act like a catalyst in metabolism. They can heal and they can nourish.

Food builds our body and even it can destroy it too. Our body is our temple. Our body is made up of food only. So pick your food wisely!

Ayurveda has segregated food in many different categories. It explains about healthy-unhealthy food, opposite food, seasonal recipes, recipes for elderly,young,kids,ill and pregnant female.

It also describes food according to body type and the region too. Its interesting and wonderful.

You can order your recipes online. Kusinara wellness associated centers have this facailties for in house clients.

Let your kitchen be your doctor!



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