New Dawn of Health

Time is passing like a quicksand.Technology has created wonders. Humanity has taken a giant leap towards the ultramodern era. We have proved that we are the co-creator of this universe.
The curse of pandora box is still haunting us but we have almost conquored the enemy called illness.
We have given dignity to our death and we are constantly making new innovation in treatment of the ailment.
The most amazing and the most important achievment of our time is not modern ways of treatments or medicines but the redefined holistic approach towards healing.
We have definately reached to the point that we can correlate the relation between physical illness and subconscious mind.
There are many researches done on the power of healing through correcting the mind-emotions and thought frequency.
Natural healing therapies are back again to give a complete health and an organic solution to human sufferings without disturbing the physical function or developing side effect.
KUSINARA Wellness is a specialised natural healing retreat and commune. Welcome to the abode of Medicine Buddha! Welcome to The Zen Life!


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