Ayurveda a new dawn of healthy life

 Ayurveda is one of the most ancient medicinal system in the world. It has proved his metal in modern times too. Ayurveda is just not about the herbs and the healings but its a way of life. It guides us how to balance our body elements by keeping our daily routine in certain discipline. It teaches us to cleanse our physical-mental and spiritual paths.

Since the inception it solely focused on physical and mental wellbeing of mankind. Over the times it wwnt through lot of evolutions. Many sages and ancient physicians tried and tested its efficiancy in thousnads of individuals. They have kept the data in the form of sutras and contributed in the developed of medicines.

From philosophy to spirituality and from analysis to physical trials Ayurveda is a combination of spiritualty and science.

Its main purpose is prevention of diseases and cure of ailment.

It has certain disciplinary priciples to follow. It accept the theory of elemental origine of universe and suggests that our body and universe has similarities in the elemental forms.

So external changes such as seasons and weather can alter the body conditions. Balancing the body elements according to the external equilibrium of elements is the best way to keep oneself healthy.

For diseases also universal elements in the form of herbs, minerals amd animal origine can correct the disbalance of body elements and keep our health intact.

 Ayurveda has two distinguish systems of treatments. One is internal and another is external. 

Internal treatments are all about diet,medicines and supplements. 

Externally they are five. 

It focuses on elements who needs to be in balance and accordingly we suggest the five point cleansing therapy.

Daily routine correction, seasonal changes in lifestyle and taking certain herbal supplements are undoubtfully the best ways to keep oneself healthy and enjoy the flow of life.

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