Medicine Buddha

2500 years ago there rose 2 suns exactly at the same time in India. It was just like a birth of a new sun on the land of dieties and mortals.

Yes it was Lord Buddha who shined like a bright sun amongst all the wise men and the Gods of heaven.

The awakend one, the enlightened master had showered his wisdom and compassion on mankind of his time and eternity.

When everybody was showing fingures to the sky and heavens, it was he who indicated his all teachings towards the internal universe. It was he who instead of asking to establish a vertical relationship between humans and gods emphasized on the horizontal relationship between every creature.

His teachings about purifying ones deeds and Law of Karma/ Cause and Effect and efforts to get rid of the misery are the most astounding teachings of all the time.

He healed human beings, he taught them to be meritious by performing good deeds, act kindly to every living creature,he trained them in conquering the mind and he made them brave like a lion to faught against "MARA" the demon inside the mind.

He was the first human on earth who established the theory of mind-thought corelation and established ways of mindful meditation.

He was the one who first told the law of impermanence (KshanBhangurWad) of the cells and literally explained how cells in the body take birth-grow and then die just by his meditative sense.

His teaching were far acceptable and easy to follow for common people of his era.

Samyaka theory is one of the most anticipated and widely accepted phenomenon by Ayurveda or Bhisak-Vidnyan the Indian Medicinal Sciences.

Samyaka means balance. Acording to Lord Buddha, to lead a healthy and sane life one needs to be Samyaka or balanced in each of his acts,talks and thoughts.

Everything we do we must do it in a right balanced way. Gratitude was one of the most important aspect of his teachings.

He use to instruct his disciples about the diet,sleeping habits,meditation, Seasonal changes and social behaviour. Varshavas was his rain retreats during monsoon season of India. He never went overboard and was against the physical extremism in the path of spiritualty.

He emphasized on the importance of body while doing the spiritual practices. Mind and Chetana/energy was his forte and he explained some really misterious behaviours of both of them.

To cleanse our chetana/Vibes we must have to be very deligent in training and controlling our thoughts and distraction of mind which leads to wrong deeds.

He explained the function of many organs of the body and its componant. And how to preserve strength and immunity.

He had learned Yoga from his Gurus AlaraKalama and Udduk Ramputta.

He was able to perform every Asanas in Yoga and mastered the techniques of controling the breath.

He could alter the body conditions or can say homeostasis by using these Yoga techniques in difficult times like lack of food,hunger-thirst,severe weather and illness.

It was very rare he fell ill due to some physical illness exceptions of external injuries.

He had explained significance of universal elements and their relation in forming the body and its componants.

His disciples had developed some formulation and procedures to develope medicines from herbs and minerals.They used certain techniques of massages some kind of accupressure we can say.

Some of them were actually could use the power of chantings to heal humans.

Vriddha Vagbhata or Jeevaka was the Medicine Practioner of his time had used his basic principles in practicing medicine. He was the surgeon who performed surgeries on Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira (Certainly a fortunate one)!

So in many ways Lord Buddha is the God of medicines.

We can find many chants praising Medicine Buddha in Tibetan Buddhism.

If we can study more and more about Buddha and his contribution in developing the principles of Indian medicine and healings,no doubt we can say he is the father of Indian Medicine.

I would like to end this blog by seeking blessings from the vulnerable Bhesaj'Guru (Master of Medicines) The Medicine Buddha.

May the light of his wisdom heal all the suffereres from their miseries.

Namo Amitabha!


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