Yoga a complete therapy

Recently there has been an increased awareness and interest in health and natural remedies among the general public as well as scientific community. 

The scientific-spiritual discipline of yoga is an effective and time-tested method for improving our health as well as prevention and management of diseases, especially chronic psychosomatic disorders.

More recently, modern research has established the scientific basis of Yogic techniques and yoga has gained international acclaim and acceptance.

“Yoga has a sound and practical philosophy, scientific basis and universal, non sectarian approach. It is a physical-mental-spiritual discipline for improving overall health and achieving union and harmony between body, mind and soul.”

Modern medicine is materialistic and concerned with our body. 

Drugs are the cornerstone of its management. In contrast, yoga is a holistic system for the integrated development of our physical, mental as well as spiritual aspects.

For prevention as well as management of stress and stress disorders and for achieving psychosomatic relaxation, there is no system as effective and far reaching as yoga.

In contrast to negative side effect of drugs, yoga has positive, beneficial “side effect” in terms of improvement of our psychosomatic health.

Ayush means life and Veda means knowledge and Ayurveda means knowledge or science of life. Ayurveda, which is being practised in India for thousands of years, is the world’s first well organised health science that has sound scientific and philosophical basis.

In classical texts like Sushrut samhita (600BC) and Charak samhita (100BC) are a great source of information about holistic health, herbs, diseases and surgical treatment.

Our old sages lived such a nature-centred lifestyle based on principles of Ayurveda and Yoga.

Yoga is a mind body intervention, which has been recognised by World Health Organisation (WHO) and is largely used in health prevention and care. 

According to a very recent report of survey, in a different clinical trials published in North American journals of different specialities, 91% of the researches consider yoga a promising instrument for cure, prevention, health promotion and quality of life. 

Results obtained from researchers on influence of yoga practice on human in Polish scientific centres have shown that yoga practice increases stress resistance, emotional balance, health improvement, mind concentration and attention.

Yogasanas are proved to control the metabolic disturbances and hyper-kinetic circulatory state through root level.



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