The wonders of wheat grass

For the last many years Dr.Ann Wigmore of the United States has been conducting experiments on wheat grass. Many diseases have been and are curable by taking wheat grass juice coupled with a planned diet. Under her supervision different diseases, including those termed incurable by conventional medicine, have been successfully treated.

The Wheat grass juice treatment is based on following  principles : 

Many dietitians called wheat grass juice as ‘GREEN BLOOD” wheat grass is one of the sources of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a kind of synthesised sunlight that can be compared o the haemoglobin in our blood. The haemoglobin molecules have iron in their central atoms, whilst chlorophyll has magnesium.

By drinking juice of wheat grass like adding blood into the body as it enhance the actual resistance power of the body. Dr. Wigmaore used to say “Do as cows do, eat grass”
Nutrition Value: - It contains “Laetrile B-12 which is famous for its anti-cancer properties. Furthermore wheat grass contains vitamin ‘E’, Riboflavin, Thiamine and Niacin plus a long list of necessary minerals e.g. ‘Zinc ‘ which has been very important to pregnant women.

How to cultivate wheat grass?

1.       Use untreated wheat remove any damaged grain.
2.    Soak the wheat for 12-15 hours  in water
3.       Drain off the water and use it for your plants.
4.       Take a deep- sided baking tray, plastic tray or Flower pot and lay down a thin aye of moss about 1 cm thick. Top this with about 2 cm of ordinary soil that has not been artificially fertilized.
5.       Spread out the seeds as evenly as possible over the soil surface.
6.       Water it, with a can, with a spray nozzle; make sure the soil becomes thoroughly soaked.
7.       Press the seeds down safely and carefully with a flat hand so that they make proper contact with the soil.
8.       The trays or pots are to be arranged in such a way that direct afternoon sunrays will not touch the grass.
9.       After 7-8 days the grass will be 10-15 cm high. It has become deep green and can now be used.

How to extract juice

·         The grass can be cut using scissors, at the level of the soils or can be pulled out by the roots
·         Immediately after cutting, it should be washed. A grinder-mixer can be used for the purpose or the conventional grinding stone can be used.
·         The grind pulp should be transferred to a fine, small piece of cloth and its juice extracted.

The juice should be consumed immediately, but slowly, because its efficacy reduces every minute.
The medicinal value of juice after 2 hours goes down to nil. Nothing should be consumed half an hour before or after taking the juice. Nothing should be added in the juice for the taste purpose.

It is observed in many cases that drinking of wheat grass juice induces vomiting and giddiness. In all such cases quantity to be reduced. Wheat grass can be chewed and juice consumed directly. Twenty grass blades, four to ten times a day can be taken for maximum effect.

How to cure diseases using wheat grass juice remedy?

Patient with incurable diseases should initially stop their normal food for ten days and start taking as much coconut water they can. Also the juice of wheat grass, about 1 to 4 ounces should be taken four times a day. Thus the body obtains all the nutritional elements and no weakness is felt due to the fasting.

The digestive system gets a complete rest and toxins are eliminated from the body.
Chronic cases of Arthritis, Psoriasis, Allergy, Weakness and general debility, all the types Digestive and Heart problems has shown miraculous effect. As well it is a very popular treatment in the case of all types of Cancer.

The juice of wheat grass is more advantageous than milk; curd and mutton, besides being much cheaper even the poorest, and for the maintenance of their health or to regain the lost health can use wheat grass at home.


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